At PYPR, we design and deliver digital campaigns and social strategies, creating meaningful content to bring the right audiences and brands together.


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Events, Social Strategy & Engagement

Through social media consultancy, bespoke event design, crowdfunding advice and more we connect the rights audiences and to new and existing brands.

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Innovative Digital Storytelling

We find the best way to tell your story, whether that's a documentary series, a social media campaign or a new website we'll get to the route of what's unique about your story.



Content Production

Working with talented videographers, animators, editors, drone specialists and cinematographers we will find the best way to communicate your message through video and get it seen.  

Telling the story of the world's largest scale WikiHouse project to date: 21 creative studios built using open-source technology 

The Gantry is the gigantic structure on the side of the Broadcast Centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This space was originally built as a temporary home for machinery needed to look after the studios during the 2012 London Olympics. After the games, everything was stripped out leaving behind an exposed gridded structure that would form a part of Here East.

Posing an interesting challenge for architects and engineers, Here East teamed up with Hawkins\Brown and Architecture 00 (the people behind WikiHouse) to create something incredible: a 21st century cabinet of curiosities. Using open source WikiHouse technology twinned with parametric coding tools, the 21 creative studios were designed to represent the rich artistic heritage of Hackney Wick with cladding inspired by great stories from the area. 

PYPR worked with Here East and digital agency Poke to create a robust content strategy to capture this unique story and document the construction from start to finish. Alongside Poke, PYPR established a microsite dedicated to the story and developed a content strategy:

PYPR then designed, produced, filmed, edited and released a series of photo, blog and video updates for the microsite which ran throughout the build and into completion and occupation. From progress updates to in depth interviews about the future of construction, PYPR captured every angle of the story and focused on design, community and the wider implications on society of a build like The Gantry. 

Throughout this extended campaign, using only organic reach, the content generated has consistently achieved the most impressions, engagements and comments across all platforms. Here are a few highlights: 

Developing the digital community for London’s biggest commercial space

Here East is a home for those who work in technology, education and creative industries with tenants such as UCL, Loughborough University London, Plexal, BT Sport, Studio Wayne McGregor and more. It covers 1.2million sqft on London’s 2012 Olympic Park. Adapting and reusing the former press and broadcast centre for the Olympic Games, Here East has now successfully moved the tech and innovation ecosystem further east than anyone thought possible.

Shortly after the brand was launched at 2014 SXSW by digital agency Poke, PYPR came on board to establish a strong social strategy to build the brand in a meaningful and organic way. With emphasis on real growth rather than paid promotions, PYPR created new ways to engage the target community and designed, implemented and shared content to grow a strong and robust online network. 

Since 2015, PYPR has worked closely with Here East to engage their growing on and offline communities. Over the last three years, the space at Here East has changed drastically, as have the needs of their brand and social outreach. Going from an empty shell to a home for innovation and collaboration required a synchronised approach across PR, branding, marketing and communications. PYPR has worked across all teams behind the Here East brand to ensure content for social is meaningful, powerful and championing the message of Here East.  

Examples of our work: 


#MakerMonday series

To enhance Here Easts’ credibility with the maker community, with handpicked key influencers to interview for series of 58 long-form blogposts.

We achieved a reach of 200K, with 4:07 min average dwell time and only 12% bounce rate across the series.

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Organic Growth

Through careful use of tagging, outreach to influencers and brand appropriate content the organic growth of the digital audience has been incredible.

From an average of 13,000 to 300,000 impressions
a month with no paid media on Twitter alone. 

Harnessing news cycles

We directed, produced and promoted exclusive content around Brexit interviewing high-profile technologists. The series can be seen here on Here East's YouTube channel.

This promo video 'Brexit in three words' achieved over 14,000 organic impressions and over 2,000 views on Twitter in 24 hours. 

Vevolution is the UK’s leading plant-based festival which brings together the leading lights of the plant-based movement to create a more positive plant-powered vision of the future. Hosted by the British Film Institute (BFI) on London’s Southbank and sponsored by leading figures such as Greenpeace, Bol, and Clearspring.

Vevolution festival is about inspiring people to go out and make a difference. It's the ultimate celebration of the plant-based movement that is changing the world and it was a great project to work on.

Now in its third year, the team at Vevolution wanted to create an engaging promo campaign that would add to the anticipation of the event. We worked with the team and CasieGraphics to bring the message to life in this fun animation:

Building inclusive communities through bespoke events series

Doteveryone is a think tank which champions responsible technology for the good of everyone in society, founded and chaired by Martha Lane Fox.  Doteveryone are fighting for a fairer internet and a more inclusive tech ecosystem. During their launch phase, PYPR worked with the team focusing on gender parity in the technology sector. We researched existing communities and established a series of community led events. These events enabled Doteveryone to refine their message and begin to build an effective network to pursue change. 

PYPR designed, produced and documented three events over seven months to help women-led startups meet potential investors. Over 30 women-led startups were chosen and after coaching from leading mentors were introduced to motivated investors.

Our first event gained 385, 000 impressions on twitter with a targeted social strategy and no paid media and received 300+ applications from impressive startups. We also achieved funding and support from Lloyds, Google, Sage, Marks & Spencer and others. The outcome was a scalable events model for investor firms who want to diversify their portfolio. 

Here are the first and third events organised by PYPR: 

Telling the story of global exchange programmes and making in the UK

The British Council deliver various maker projects both in the UK and in South East Asia. We've partnered with the various teams to help document and tell the story of their experiences. Documenting these geographically diverse programmes poses several challenges and PYPR worked to ensure a cohesive narrative and filming style using various videography teams across the UK to help pull together the best footage possible. 

Hello Shenzhen

This project aimed to capture the story of this impressive exchange programme between hubs in the UK and Shenzhen. PYPR created an overview video of the entire project and a residency specific video for each of the UK hubs involved.

The full collection can be viewed here.

South East Asia Exchange Programme [currently in production]

Bespoke Events & Documentation

Over the years we've delivered various projects to help build on and offline communities. Here's a selection of various projects:

In Brighton, there's a great community of tech startups and established creative businesses who are keen to collaborate and innovate together. We worked with Wired Sussex and Digital Catapult Centre Brighton to document these exchanges and developed a landmark event to explore the future of retail and the Internet of Things. We documented various festivals and events for Wired Sussex including generating snack-able content and interviews with high profile businesses on the scene including Propellernet, here are a few examples:

We've worked closely with designswarm over the years, they have been doing pioneering work in the internet of things since 2006 across strategy, product design, thought leadership and community building. Together we designed, delivered and documented bespoke events to build the IoT community with the British Gas Connected Homes group, Intel® and more:

We've done a lot of work within the maker community in London, here's some examples of our work with the IoT London meetup and the Maker Assembly:  

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